Clitoraid seeks Florida surgeons to reconstruct the clitoris of FGM victims in Colombia

Miami, FL – May 13, 2010  – Clitoraid, a non profit humanitarian organization aiming to restore the pleasure and dignity of victims of female genital mutilation around the world through clitoral reconstructive surgery, is looking for volunteer surgeons willing to travel to Colombia to operate on women from the Embera tribe.

Although Genital Cutting is mostly prevalent in sub Sahara there are certain areas of South America that are still affected, in particular the Embera tribe in the province of Risaralda, Colombia where Embera women leaders have recently stood up to voice their opposition against this gruesome ancestral tribal tradition performed on all the baby girls of the tribe.

Clitoraid was founded by Rael, leader of the Raelian Movement (, a philosophy that defends human rights and especially the right of women who are often the victims of machoism and repressive laws influenced by the primitive religions governing our society.

In the United States , Dr. Bowers, a famous Gender Reassignment Surgeon in Trinidad , Colorado , is Clitoraid’s volunteer head surgeon.  Her 6 next scheduled FGM reversal surgeries are set for July 27th where she will arrange to train surgeons who wish to learn this technique.

She is also scheduled to go to Burkina Faso, West Africa, to inaugurate Clitoraid’s hospital, a facility that will be entirely dedicated to the restoration of the genitalia of FGM victims.

On the American continent, Clitoraid hopes to find the volunteer surgeons who will carry on the same humanitarian deed by giving back pleasure and dignity to the women of the Embera tribe who wish it.  Women who undergo this surgery are the strongest advocate against FGM and their voice is a powerful contributor to slowly ending this inhumane tradition only meant to deplete women of their sexual pleasure in order to make them faithful wives.

This weekend May 14-16 the Raelian’s team will be participating in the EXXXOTICA porn show at the Miami convention center who have been so kind as to once again donate a free booth so that we can continue to raise the much needed money to open the “Pleasure Hospital” by January 2011. The booth number is 839 and you are welcome to come and join the fun.  If you would like to speak to a spokesperson please contact Donna Newman at 305-733-4717 or e-mail her at


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