College Masturbation: Go Team

When I first moved into a college dorm (back in the stone age, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and Keith Richards was but a boy) I pretty much decided that my masturbating days were over for a while. I mean, I was sharing a room with someone else that had nothing but a desk in the middle, and there was no way I was going to masturbate with someone else in the room, no matter how quiet I could be.

You see the flaw in this logic.

I think I lasted about three months, but eventually something had to be done. I started working in some relaxation during my roommate’s nightly shower, or when she was down at the library studying. I assume she got her respective “relaxing” in too, since our friendship didn’t have too many rocky spots. Trust me, no one wants to share a room with someone who’s not having any orgasms. That’s just cruel.

By the time we were in our second year as roommates, we’d worked out a not-so-secret code:

“Are you studying down the hall tonight?”
“Do you need me to?”
“Uh…it would be nice.”

Not very subtle, but you know. Whatever gets the job done and keeps you from killing your roommate. I was reminded of all this while reading an article in American University’s Eagle, which discusses solo sex life in college and addresses some of the societal stigma still attached to female masturbation.


2 thoughts on “College Masturbation: Go Team

  1. This is funny and true! Study halls always made me horny as did libraries. I wonder how many other feel that way about environments where the levels of social restraint required are at a high point.

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