“I Masturbate For Photos”

May was National Masturbation Month, but if you missed it, never fear. You and I know that pleasure is our birthright, and we can masturbate all year long.   In celebration of Masturbation Month however, San Francisco-based photographer Shilo McCabe dedicated a masturbation photo a day on the The Sex Positive Photo Project blog that she created with collaborator Airial Clark. The posts all include statements from the models, each beginning with “I masturbate”. In addition, they include guest posts from noted erotica authors and other sex-positive contributors.

I was thrilled to be at the final day of the project, shooting a fun masturbation photo spread at Muir Beach. It was a beautiful day, and I love the Pacific Ocean. We set up on the far end where some beach goers go naked. Naturally, there’s a line between nudity, masturbation, photography, and porn. We were super stealth and had a look-out who made sure the coast was clear of beach combers and their dogs.  My masturbation weapon of choice was the waterproof Mystic Wand Vibrator, which I took with me into the tide.

Hop over to  The Sex Positive Photo Project to read my masturbation statement and to see 30 other diverse masturbation images. Enjoy!

Written by Jiz Lee


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