“What Would Happen If You Masturbated At Work?”

Last year at this time I was embarking on my 101 Days of Self-Pleasure, which turned out to be an incredible learning experience.  I learned a lot about my body, a lot about my pleasure and orgasm, and a lot about empowering myself as a woman and a sexual being.  Yes, I get to Masturbate at work, but other’s may not be so lucky!

A recent case in Brazil ruled that Ana Catarian Bezerra, a Brazilian Accountant, would legally be able to masturbate on the job.  She suffers from anxiety that is relieved by masturbation, which I am assuming ends with an orgasm.  While this  extreme need to masturbate may not be the norm, I have many clients who have admitted to masturbating on the job in order to relieve tension.

Personally, I don’t like the word “masturbation,”which translates to “to pollute one’s self.” I prefer to use the word “self-pleasure” or “solo-sex”.

Self-pleasure has many benefits. More and more awareness has been coming out about masturbation into the mainstream.

What are the some of the benefits to solo sex?

1) Stress Relief –  Maybe Ana Catarian Bezerra is on to something and we simply need to have a few orgasms everyday if our job has us all tied up in tension knots.   Perhaps we’d all be a little more relaxed during our next meeting.

2) Learning About Your Body –  Self touch can be a wonderful way to learn about what pleases you most and it helps you get in touch with your body.

3) Keeps your Pelvic Floor Healthy – Orgasms cause the muscles of your pelvic floor to contract, thus keeping them healthy, which means good urinary health.

4) Rejuvenates your Youthful Glow – Self-Pleasure can help you produce “feel good” hormones that keep you looking and feeling more alive.  Just look at Betty Dodson, the grandmother of masturbation, she’s over 80 and she looks amazing!

Touching yourself does not cause you to go blind, get hairy palms, or even deplete your body of vital nutrientsThere is no link between masturbation in moderation and major health issues.  So go ahead, you have permission to rub one out, just don’t try it at work – I doubt that U.S. courts would give you the same benefit!

Written by Jaiya, world-renowned sexologist, author of Red Hot Touch, and founder of New World Sex EducationFind out more about Jaiya on her www.sexisyou.com.

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