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“I masturbate…” A photographic exhibition in celebration of National Masturbation Month- San Francisco

Save the Date! The opening reception is May 3rd 7-10pm. 
Copyright 2013 Shilo McCabe

“I masturbate…” 
A photographic exhibition in celebration of National Masturbation Month

Photography by Shilo McCabe
Opening Reception, Friday, May 3rd, 7pm-10pm
Center for Sex and Culture: 1349 Mission St., San Francisco
For more information contact

‘Submissions wanted,’ says Guangzhou scholar seeking work on masturbation

The rules are simple: submit your videos, poems, plays, or songs that explore the topic of masturbation – and then wait until you hear about the reward.

With the top winner getting some10,000 yuan (HK$12,000) prize, those coming second, third and fourth will receive 5000, 3000, and 1000 yuan each in cash.

This isn’t a porn competition, according to Pei Yuxin, organiser and sociology professor at Guangzhou’s renowned Sun Yat-sen university. Instead, the “New Media Contest on Masturbation” is a serious project, which aims to tap into the imagination of its research subjects. (Read Complete Article)

“Masturbation in Pop Music”

In getting ready for some upcoming projects related to the documentary “Sticky”, we were humming this song by Prince, “Darling Nikki”. Can you think of any songs that mention the word masturbation? Not many, yeah? How about songs that ALLUDE to masturbation? Send us your favorites in the comments and we’ll compile our National Masturbation Month playlist (it’s coming up- you can’t plan these things too soon) !