Jodie Foster gave masturbation coaching for “Orange is the New Black”


Also, she speaks perfect French!



65,000+ Reddit users flock to forum founded by atheist to quit pornography, masturbation

The growing phenomenon recently captured the attention of New York Magazine and, and currently the leadership is in serious talks with Hollywood A-lister Joseph Gordon Levitt, whose anti-porn film Don Jon is being released later this year, to have him come on the site for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session (UPDATE: This has since fallen through). Meanwhile, a short film highlighting the negative effects of porn and/or excessive masturbation is in the works on Kickstarter.


from – “We Never Masturbate Alone”

National Masturbation Month is coming to an end and I wanted to leave on a confusing note.Masturbation seems to me to be one of those parts of sex that everyone thinks is obvious. Even the vaguest of masturbation references gets a laugh because it seems to be a shared and shame filled part of everyone’s life. But masturbation is never one thing.

Sinful to some, salvation to others, it can be a form of political action, a spiritual practice, a casual distraction. Ask any two people about masturbation and you’ll get different answers. Of course, you should be careful who you ask, and make sure you know your insurance deductible before you do.

If there is a defining element of masturbation surely it must be that the action occurs one when one is alone. Isn’t that why so many of the euphemisms for masturbation involve only one hand?